Twins went to Grandma and Grandpa's this afternoon. There are definitely some benefits from living a block away from your in-laws!! This was a wonderful respite from the day. My mother has now come down with the cold and ski season has begun, so we will be seeing less of her. (However, my parents have voiced that they would like to take the twins skiing - WHAT - 4 hours away from their mommy. I am not in favour of this, but am willing to give it a try once.) On the walk over to deliver the twins, the baby fell asleep. Upon return, the once again sick toddler and I get to spend some quality time together playing trains, cars, making cookies, and coloring. This was a great break from the demands of all 4 children at one time and some wonderful one on one time. Which is quickly coming to an end as I hear the baby start to stir. Toddles. Now what to make for dinner. I am quite uninspired and may resort to frozen pizza. Yick.

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