Winter Break with Family


They get along so well.

Bowling!  Cousin C actually threw the ball backwards.  So much fun.

Uncle W really was there.  He even boarded.

Good times.  Such a blast.


Cubs gathering
Winter Dance Concert.  Bug is wearing pink and whit night gown with blue pants.
Nutcracker viewing with bug.

Wildlife Show

Snowflake Ball

We picked out a dress, curled her hair and put on make up.  This was a Soarks event.  She danced, made a necklace.  She loved it.  She is beautiful,



They picked and sold the pears from our tree this year.  

Counting the earnings.

Cooking Eggs

They are pros now.


This science kit was excellent.

Mine craft Gathering

Check out all these home learners playing Minecraft together on servers.

Dissection of Perch

Good times. Examination with microscope, too.

Busy Bug

No slow moments with this one.