Flying a Kite.


Reading the plans, laying out the pieces, and building.


Art Class this Week

Art class this week was super cool.  This was the best by far.  LBB was the most involved with the other boys not too far off.  BW spent the whole time alternating yelling " no mom. Don't touch. Go away" at me and saying "okay? Good?" To her neighbor friend who was also there.
We have the wizard,

the walking man,
and the upside down, headless Ninja.
I had been wondering what to display on the shelves of this cabinet.  Oh and that is BW's falling man at the far right.


and there was some...

cooking of boiled eggs.
digging for dinosaur bones.
mirror play.
jumping off the really big diving board - 3 meters.
making his own Chinese characters.

rock hounding and identification.
family art class.  We made our own galaxies.
bear class at Home School Science Monday.
crafting of a yarn and felt wreath.
sewing and stuffing of a heart
and a star
and something all her own.
wooden 3D puzzle building.
so very much more.  Our days are filled with wonder and discovery.



There has been much crafting around here. He made a pillow. 
Also there has been lots of painting, bees wax molding, yarn/felt wreath making, felt blanket sewing.  Next there is a table centerpiece in the works and a purse.

Our last summer hurrah.

We travelled to visit one of my students and they told us about a hidden gem.
A rope swing.  Yahoo. We all went of several times---or more.
LBB.  He learned how to swim this summer.
We had the beach all to our selves on this hot 29 degree day.  



The boys are thrilled.
And when we got home, I was introduced to all that they learned.  They remembered all the names of the skills.  They even remembered the sparring rules.

And not to forget the little man.
It turns out that LBB is competitive.  He kept knocking over the other kids to get to the front of the line.  Also, he was chatting it up with other kids every chance he got.  In the car he said, "It was great.  I even listened to the teacher."

Some local wildlife

In our driveway... Also, black fox, moose and coyote.


Not Back to School

As I caught a glimpse of my neighbor heading down her drive way to drop her daughter off at the first day of school, I thought I would snap a picture of what my school aged boys were up to.
Mine craft research while eating nectarine.  One dressed, one in pjs.
Our newest school age member continues to sleep soundly.


Another Museum and Camping

We visited a historic town on the weekend.  We attempted camping there to take advantage of the 2 day entrance tickets.

Here is the old town.  There were lots of actors dressed up in period costume and giving presentations on various topics.
First, we panned for gold.  The 3 boys struck gold and brought it home with them.

We toured the cemetery.  The average age of death was around 20 yrs.
One of the actors showing how to make the holes to insert dynamite.  He was also recruiting a new partner.  He told Builder to meet at 6 the next morning and he would get paid a dollar a day.
Builder woke the next morning and asked what time it was because he had to get to work.  Sadly, he had slept in. 

We attended Chinese School.  This presentation was really good. We learned some Chinese words, wrote some characters and counted using the abacus.
A water wheel presentation.  Then it was put into action.  It was huge.

Camping went better than expected.  We were really cold at night as the temp hovered around 0 degrees.  But the kids were great and had a blast.  Camping is now on our things we can do.