Rock Climbing

She gets higher and higher each time.
Just hanging out and taking in the view.


Jackets? We don't need no stink'n jackets!


Art Class - Shadows

Make a tin foil figure
Place it under a lamp to create a shadow.
Cut out the shadow and glue it all down.
Long arm Ninja
And of course, she did her own thing.  Drawing everyone's attention to her cuteness.
That is tin foil Barbie!



We found an awesome sled hill that on icy days rockets us down the mountain.  I watch as LBB fearlessly zooms down the glaringly Icy slope at breathe taking speeds and wonder what crazy, Ridiculous, heart pounding, scary things he is going to do when he is older.  if he is already attempting luge at barely 5 years old, I fear the future.  Yes, helmets are mandatory.

I tried a vides, but it doesn't show the full extent of his crazyness.

So a picture of our household princess will haves to do.

Growing Up

Just a week after turning 5, LBB excitedly ran into the kitchen announcing a loose tooth.  The next day,  we attended a neighborhood potluck - right next door.  The twins were having allergy trouble and went home a few minutes before we were ready.  LBB insisted on going too.  A half hour later,  we arrived home greated by a grinning, bloody faced LBB.  He says, "look it fell out."  Hmm.  More like he yanked that sucker out of there.  We asked if it hurt and he replied, "not a bit."

Now when we announce bedtime, LBB announces that he gets to stay up later now that he is big like brothers.  



She cooked

And then it was my turn.