Ever since we have had kids, we have been a spectacle when we are in public. First, it was the fact that we had twins. Then, twins with orange hair. This definitely got peoples attention and drew people to us from across a store. People point and talk loudly (I think those are twins. Look at that hair.) Yup. We can hear you. Then the toddler added to things with his 'light up the room smile', or conversely his temper. The comments continued and the crowds grew. Now, the spectacle continues. I can see people counting from 1-4 in their heads and then comes the exclamation, "4. Boy you have your hands full. I hope it's a girl." Yup. It's a girl. The crowds continue to grow. The comments get louder and longer. I wonder when the spectacle will end?

Our House

The twins seem to be growing up at an incredible rate these days. They now totally dress themsleves, although their clothes are often on backwards or their shoes are on the wrong feet. Oh well. They even dry themselves after a bath and get dressed for bed. Ya.

So, the other night the twins were still in the bath, the toddler was finished and dressed for bed, and I was feeding the baby. Twin1 comes out of the bath and shows me how he dried himself. I congratulate him and then suggest he get his Pull-Up and get dressed. Instead, he turns around, bends over, pulls his cheeks apart with his hands, and says, "STINK YOU." Ah, Hmmm, Shock, Side Splitting Laughter. This went on for 10 minutes, with twin2 joining in of course. I had tears running down my face. Welcome to our house. You just never know what will happen next.


A day in the life

We are crazy busy around here these days. Strong start, home school, playing, time spent with each child daily, time with husband, laundry, meals, snacks, picking up toys, diaper changes = day gone.



I think the baby and I have entered in to a bit of a routine, although these seem to change every couple of days. My mom is still helping out a lot by taking the boys in the afternoon for several hours. I think I am ready to go to alternating days. Eeek. I am now doing all the cooking. We are slowly getting back into the homeschooling swing with daily crafts, book reading, and letter/number recognition. The boys floor me daily with all the new things they pick up. The toddler now announces when things are, "Ffffffun." The toddler can pretty much communicate everything that he needs now. His brothers favorite activity is tormenting the toddler. Ugg. Twin1 has taken up pouting, or should I say wailing, with the slightest touch. Twin2 has become defiant using the word 'NO' a little too often - although a few talks from Dad seem to have stopped this for the moment.

At the moment, I should be sleeping. The baby started to stir so I got up and prepared for a comfy feed - 45 minutes ago. Hmm. The noises are getting louder. Gotta go.


This and That

We had a great weekend. We actually managed to head out of the house for a bit. We visited the Corn Maze this weekend and had a blast as always - there are pictures to come. We managed to enter the maze for about 5 minutes, longer than the previous 2 years. And in that 5 minutes we did get lost. My husband and I were still rolling up our pants, from the mud, and the kids took off. There are 4 entrances at the start and we weren't sure which they took, or if they all took the same one. They had all gone down the first entrance and were found in seconds, though. The pumpkin patch, as always, was a hit, as well as the animals and mini hay maze. Next year we are hoping for 10 minutes in the maze. We left with some pumpkins and huge smiles. Always a blast, we will be back next year.

The following day, my husband took the twins to a hockey game. Fun, fun. And over the course of the weekend, we completed a number of small projects around the house. My husband even planned and started the new paint job on his hockey helmet. He does this so the kids can tell which one he is on the ice. What a great dad!

The baby is doing wonderfully. She is starting to be awake more often, and as a consequence has some cranky periods, although not many and not for long. She started smiling yesterday - real smiles, not just burp ones. She has to be carried a lot - all the time - every time I put her down, even for a minute, the other kids are all over her. The toddler is totally in awe of her, but he is a bit rough and thinks her eyes are a little too interesting. Consequently, I an either carrying her in my arms or in the carrier. My back is taking a bit of a beating. I guess I will have to start some tummy exercises sooner than I would have liked... Ug. I hate exercises. Also, this means dinner is usually cold as I cook it when I can through the afternoon. The other day, the roast chicken was ready at 3:30. Ah well, it all goes so fast and pretty soon there will be some other weird and wonderful organizational need.

All in all, life is good.



The toddler loves his sister very much - when she is sleeping, laying down, and sitting. Especially when she is nursing!!


Only Twins

I once read on a Twin Mom's website a post from a lady who believed that by 3 her twins were no different than singleton children and she had no new 'twin' info/advice to provide. Well, that lady must have had the most calm, uneventful, unimaginative set of twins because I beg to differ on her out look. In fact, I still find twins to be considerable different in mindset, cooperation, play, reasoning... than single children.

Now potty training in this house is still 'parent' potty training and is pretty much nonexistent. Yes, they are 4 and, yes, my parents have made a valiant effort these last couple months as they have been watching them often. But the twins are still adamantly against potty training - the two pairs of peed through pants and Pull Ups by twin1 makes this quite evident. Some progress has been made with twin2 - at least he doesn't flail and kick screaming to the bathroom. Twin1 on the other hand will run and hide and has no intentions of ever potty training.

Yesterday, while at my mother's house, the twins were sent to go sit on the potty. There was much discussion going on in the bathroom amongst the twins, so my mother went to check things out. It turns out that twin2 had done his business, but twin1 had once again peed in his Pull Up. So as to not get the 'big boys don't pee in their pants talk' and 'Daddy won't take baby's skating talk' the twins had devised a plan. The would divide the pee. Yes, they figured that if only one could pee then they would split that pee into the empty potty, thereby making it look like both had peed.

When my mother told me this, all I could do was giggle and once again repeat that most parents just don't have these things happen. Only twins. And then I thought - what if they start sharing their poop! Ug.



Well the impossible happened today. For 5 minutes, all 4 children were napping at the same time!.

With 4 year olds and a new baby I have noticed some interesting faces. The baby is busy working out all of her muscles. she pulls her face in all different directions: making the 'Oooh' face, raising one or both eyebrows, scrunching her face, yawning.... The lists is endless.

The twins are also making many of the same faces. They, too, are busy figuring out what their muscles can do. However, in their case, they are trying to make these faces on purpose, which often results in some interesting face pulling much like their new sister. Both twins can now whistle, although this is not the traditional air out method, but instead air in. Twin1 master this form of whistling some time ago and twin2 much more recently - in the last month. When twin2 learned this, twin1 remarked, "Now you are big like me." Twin2, of course, was thrilled. In the last few weeks, eyebrows are being raised, both separately and together. Winking is taking place by twin1. Twin2 still does the double wink.

On a side note, bodily functions have also become extremely fascinating: farting and burping is a daily conversation around the dinner table. I love it, my husband has differing thoughts!

The bear, toddler, awakes. Duty calls.