I think the baby and I have entered in to a bit of a routine, although these seem to change every couple of days. My mom is still helping out a lot by taking the boys in the afternoon for several hours. I think I am ready to go to alternating days. Eeek. I am now doing all the cooking. We are slowly getting back into the homeschooling swing with daily crafts, book reading, and letter/number recognition. The boys floor me daily with all the new things they pick up. The toddler now announces when things are, "Ffffffun." The toddler can pretty much communicate everything that he needs now. His brothers favorite activity is tormenting the toddler. Ugg. Twin1 has taken up pouting, or should I say wailing, with the slightest touch. Twin2 has become defiant using the word 'NO' a little too often - although a few talks from Dad seem to have stopped this for the moment.

At the moment, I should be sleeping. The baby started to stir so I got up and prepared for a comfy feed - 45 minutes ago. Hmm. The noises are getting louder. Gotta go.

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