Well the impossible happened today. For 5 minutes, all 4 children were napping at the same time!.

With 4 year olds and a new baby I have noticed some interesting faces. The baby is busy working out all of her muscles. she pulls her face in all different directions: making the 'Oooh' face, raising one or both eyebrows, scrunching her face, yawning.... The lists is endless.

The twins are also making many of the same faces. They, too, are busy figuring out what their muscles can do. However, in their case, they are trying to make these faces on purpose, which often results in some interesting face pulling much like their new sister. Both twins can now whistle, although this is not the traditional air out method, but instead air in. Twin1 master this form of whistling some time ago and twin2 much more recently - in the last month. When twin2 learned this, twin1 remarked, "Now you are big like me." Twin2, of course, was thrilled. In the last few weeks, eyebrows are being raised, both separately and together. Winking is taking place by twin1. Twin2 still does the double wink.

On a side note, bodily functions have also become extremely fascinating: farting and burping is a daily conversation around the dinner table. I love it, my husband has differing thoughts!

The bear, toddler, awakes. Duty calls.

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