Paper Route

They started their first paper delivery route.  One day a week.

My car helper.

My sleep partner

By day

By night


Eaten Alive

Ahhhhh...she is being eaten alive!  

Well.. Actually, she is taking my restaurant order through the pretend underground phone at the park.  ;)


Pay Day

Lov'in this game right now.  After being instructed to pay $600 for ski vacation, Animal looked at me and asked, "For real! It costs money to go skiing?" Oh ya.  Well worth $3.  Builder is likely to have no $ as an adult because he keeps wanting to give it away to help his fellow players who are not as fortunate.  LBB shouts, "Let'em roll."


Our new  dog Quite a learning curve for all of us.



Cinderella for the first time with Daddy.