At 8:30 am

I am working
She is watching Peppa Pig on the stairs 
They are Minecrafting
He is asleep


Out and About

Balancing on logs is no problem for these guys.
She practiced her rock throwing.
I totally thought builder was going to end up in the water still holding the branch! 
Nope.  He made it across and down without getting his feet wet.
Some map drawing fur the pirate raid about to take place.  :)
Up and back.  Bug and I took a different route.

Gold Panning

They all struck it rich!!

Learning Plan Time

It's that time of year again.  The boys and I sat and brainstormed some learning ideas for this year.


Spray Park

Yes, this is what it looks like.  

Ballerina in action.

Found another gem


At The Fair

OWe decided to stick with just one Fair this year and do it all out.  Wrist bands for rides, cotton candy, shaved ice, mini donuts, way too expensive games.  We had a blast.

Animal really wanted the lion head that came with this game.

Yup.  She is a wild one.

The big boys rode the ring of fire and the hammock ride.  LBB rode the ring of fire and The Drop.  There were other kids getting off the ride crying.  LBB asked ifhe could go again!