Ah, 4

No. The realization that I will soon have 4 children to be responsible for has not yet set it. Instead, the twins are 4 today. Ah. Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday, we were struggling, trying to make all the right first decisions: co-sleeping, diapering, bedroom decoration, burping, formulas/breast feeding, who would get up this time (or who was more tired), sleep training?, first foods, sun exposure... The list of new worries is endless. What a chaotic time. Then you blink and they are 4. It certainly does get easier with each child - well at this stage, but faster. What an amazing opportunity to get to know these loving and considerate little men.



Such adorable toes. Yet, they manage to get into a lot of mischief. There is no stopping the little man these days. He is an absolute whirlwind. He has a huge, infectious laugh and an even bigger temper. Yes, temper - full blown, body thrashing on the ground, temper tantrums. I just stand back in amazement. I have seen nothing like it. And then, a few seconds later he is smiling and saying, "Car," or one of the other many words in his repertoire, with a huge grin on his face. Bizarre.

This little man is our dress-up guru. He loves hats.

He eats much better, now. Although he is still picky, he has some healthy staples that keep us all happy. Crackers are still his favorite.

He still sleeps with daddy every night and is quite upset when he wakes and daddy is not home. Mom is just not an equal substitute for this man. Something needs to change soon, though, because the new baby arrives in only 2 short months. I have no idea how our sleeping arrangements are going to work here. Ug.

Backyard Camping

Through the mesh window

(Twin 2's sleeping hat)

My husband has been talking about setting up the tent in the backyard for months. Well since we were home early from vacay and the weather was nice, he got the opportunity. The twins had a blast and couldn't wait to go to bed that night. At 4:00 they were asking. Then at 7:00 they ran out there. The night was a success. Everyone slept from 7:30 to 6:00. I guess this is something my husband will get to do more often. Perhaps one time, they will all manage to stay up to see the stars!

At one point over our wonderful week with daddy, twin 2 cuddled up next to my husband and said, "My miss you when you work." Break your heart. At least we are fortunate enough to have one of us stay home with them.



Twin1 loves animals, bugs... He is completely fascinated with them. Twin2 loves anything mechanical. The differences are really starting to emerge.



We are home from a bit of a bust of a vacation. My husband and I were pretty much incapacitated with allergies. We will never go back in June again. We did manage to swim each day and I had a pedicure. We fed marmots and saw a turtle close up - which wad pretty cool because we just finished reading a book about turtles.
The toddler was very happy to be home. The kids played all afternoon in the backyard like they had been gone for a month. Being home also allowed us to have one last visit with my mom before she crosses the country for her bike trip - the twins were happy to visit. We also arrived home and were able to set up for the yard sale that we have been trying to have. With a husband who works on Saturday and 3 kids, having a yard sale was just a little beyond my Super Woman abilities... Oh, and the trees that were starting to grow up in our view are all gone. Our neighbors across the way cleared them all away while we were gone. Thank you. It is very nice to be able to see the lake so clearly again. Oh, and who could forget - our new kitchen floor was installed while we were gone. It looks awesome. What an ordeal. Ug. I will never put tile flooring in a house again!!! The removal is a huge, disgusting, time consuming mess. But all looks great now.
Now on with my day. One of my little men is calling for a cuddle. Giggle, giggle. Just what I need this time of the day. Lets just hope the rain holds off for the yard sale.


It's a girl

Wow. With our family history, I just didn't think it could happen. But it is. I surprised my husband with a 3D ultrasound yesterday and discovered that we are having a girl. No wonder I am all out of sorts with this pregnancy. She is already getting the best of me!! Everyone is super excited. My poor little toddler, though. He has no idea that his life is about to change so drastically.



Twin1 roasted this all on his own.

Just relaxing. Check out the perfect rock seat/table we scored on a hike.

Since we built the fire pitt, we have had the luxury of enjoying campfire lunches and dinners. I love the easy entertaining and little clean up. As you can see, the kids love it too.


For the Love of Grandpa

Playing hockey with the expert.



Well now that I am here, I have writers block. So, I will upload some pictures. We have begun more formal homeschooling around here. I am trying to get them into a sort of routine or used to the idea before the baby comes. We have completed 2 days. The first started great, had a rough patch in the middle, then ended happily. The second went great. We'll see how today goes. I will explain the program I chose later. It is great. Oh, and when I say that we are homeschooling, we only spend about 30 min on a semi-formal lesson.

It is a beautiful day today, so we are off to the lake to check out the tadpoles, dig holes and build channels, and chase geese. Fun, fun.


A Solution

Last week we went for a walk through the tunnels. Along the way, the kids spotted a huge rock (side of the mountain) that had spliced off and was under the bridge beside the river. Later that night, the twins were telling Daddy about our walk and, of course, about the huge rock. Since we have been doing a lot of rock collecting these days, they decided that we needed to collect this one too - remember this rock is the size of two lots or more.

First they suggested that Daddy could pick up the rock and bring it home. I suggested that maybe the rock was too big for Daddy. Next suggestion, lots and lots of peoples come to help. Hmmm. I replied that I thought it was too big for lots and lots of peoples. Next suggestion, a crane. Yes, we needed a crane. I asked them how we were going to get the crane along side the rock because the rivers was in the way? Next suggestion, sticks. Lots of sticks stop the river. Oh, I responded, and how will all the sticks get there? Next suggestion, Beavers. Lots of beavers. Great idea, but I suggested that maybe the river was too fast for the beavers. How are we going to make sure that the beavers are safe. Twin1 pipped up, standing beside the chair, finger pointed in the air and with all eyes on him said, "Ah ha........ Stop sign."

Now that was the ultimate solution. All we needed was a stop sign. The hunt is on.


For the Love of Papa

Papa imatiation

Cuddle time

Busy. Busy.

We have been crazy busy around here: my sister is visiting while she recovers from jaw surgery and her house is ripped apart, homeschooling convention, zoo, doctors apts, and everyday activities.... I did find out that my iron is low. Perhaps that was why I have been so tired? I have some funny stories and revelations to share, but will have to wait for a less crazy time. Toodles. Or as the twins say, "See ya later alligator."