We are home from a bit of a bust of a vacation. My husband and I were pretty much incapacitated with allergies. We will never go back in June again. We did manage to swim each day and I had a pedicure. We fed marmots and saw a turtle close up - which wad pretty cool because we just finished reading a book about turtles.
The toddler was very happy to be home. The kids played all afternoon in the backyard like they had been gone for a month. Being home also allowed us to have one last visit with my mom before she crosses the country for her bike trip - the twins were happy to visit. We also arrived home and were able to set up for the yard sale that we have been trying to have. With a husband who works on Saturday and 3 kids, having a yard sale was just a little beyond my Super Woman abilities... Oh, and the trees that were starting to grow up in our view are all gone. Our neighbors across the way cleared them all away while we were gone. Thank you. It is very nice to be able to see the lake so clearly again. Oh, and who could forget - our new kitchen floor was installed while we were gone. It looks awesome. What an ordeal. Ug. I will never put tile flooring in a house again!!! The removal is a huge, disgusting, time consuming mess. But all looks great now.
Now on with my day. One of my little men is calling for a cuddle. Giggle, giggle. Just what I need this time of the day. Lets just hope the rain holds off for the yard sale.

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