Both twins fighting.  Builder stepped it up for competition time and threw a couple people.
What a team.  They pulled it out several times.  This one was against another set of Twins.
LBB pulled many kids over the line.  Not bad for the youngest and smallest in the class.
He was a bit of a muscle man.

A Conversation

Mom: "Hey, LBB, you are 5 in 8 sleeps."
LBB: "And then I can have Beer?"
Mom: "Ah,.....No."
BW: "Only Daddy.  Right?"


Rock Climbing

We thought we'd check out the local YMCA.  We had the rec room all to ourselves for our entire 2 hour stay.  We had a blast. The boys especially liked the climbing wall.  
Animal swinging through the air
LBB tried about 10 times until he touched the roof.  He got down and showed me his shaking hands.
Even Bug had a go.


Ice Skating

-22C skating at 7 pm with Dad on our very own skating rink.

So much fun.


Rock Stars

Jackson 5 has nothing on us!
On drums and keyboard.
Lead singer
Electric guitar


Some ocean time with my bro.