It's been awhile, but we had a couple of sick kids this week.  Not the twins, though.  Pheew.  My LBB decided to switch his sleeping habits around and sleep during the day and prowl at night.  Needless to say, beefcake and I are exhausted.  We think almost 'new baby tired', but not quite.  We did, however, end the week on a brighter note.  A drive and a visit with our wonderful Aunty and her adorable son.


Family Portrait

Found it.

My sister phoned yesterday to ask if I wanted some family pictures from our trip in the summer.  Then I got thinking.  We already have one.  Thy is is by builder.



It's been awhile.  My camera is missing......again.  And I just don't feel like posting anything unless there is a neat picture to accompany the text.

I hit a bit of a funk this week.  Not because of PMS, illness, lack of sleep, or no-sun induced depression.  Nope.  I am in a 'between inspiration' kind of funk.  I tend to take things on and absorb all I can about a topic.  Then, once I have figured it out, I move on.  I usually have a list of things I want to learn or books to read, so there is no problem moving from one passion to the next.  However I went through a bit of a needy phase with the kids, where they needed help persuing their interests and play to the point where I had little time for my creativity besides getting food on the table and the house is some order.  This week, though, the kids have not needed me and I have been at a loss.  I wonder around the house looking for things to do.  I am waiting to be inspired.  I have played with the kids interactive globe.  I have fixed broken trophies and dishes.  I have played Lego and Barbie until I am bored to tears,  I have caught up on all the blogs I follow.  I have even scheduled dentist appointments for all of us.

I pinned headbands for BW today and made one.  My knitting sits idle.  No quilts on the go.  No inspired reading - in fact the last 3 books I purchased and downloaded to my tablet I had already read.

I follow a model of passion driven education with my kids and myself.  I guess I will just wait and see what comes of this.  This is a lesson for myself when my kids enter into this stage at some point.  I am sure they will.

Oh and if anyone has an idea of where my camera is that would be nice......come to think of it I should check the car!!


It's a goodly sort of life....

This week we.....
visited our cousins and met our newest cousin
played with Nan
welcomed Papa home from across the world
finished a knit hat for Animal
rode our bikes and watched the fish run
walked to watch the fish run/spawn
visited Science World
played with our co-op friends
learned about gold and silver
had soccer practice
participated in drama class
hiked our biggest mountain to date
found hidden geo-treasure
skated at the arena
checked out books at the Library
watched "Dolphin Tale" "Jack and the Bean Stalk" and "Madagascar 3"
watched the "Amazing Race" with Mom after finishing chores
built an FM radio and listened to the hurricane news
built snap circuits
leaned how to keep a tally when scoring points
played board games with mom - Carcassonne and Qwirkle
built wooden 3D models
and, oh, so much more.......

Did I say, it's a goodly sort of life.



I am often asked what I do with the little ones while we 'do' school.  Hm.  We include them of course.  Give them something else fun to do.  Or work on more involved projects during nap time - which seems to be a thing of the past this week!


This and That

Look who got a new hat.  I actually knit this one up in a day.  Wow.
 Puzzles.  They are starting to do bigger ones with smaller pieces.  LBB has even started to show some interest.
 Audio books.  We listen to a story or two at dinner every night.  I find this minimizes the dinner ccommotion and brings everyone to the table easier.  Initially, I waffled about this because I was taking away our time for conversation and togetherness.  However, this wasn't happening anyway.  The kids and I usually spent dinner arguing about finishing dinner, or keeping hands to ourselves.  And I am with them all day long, available for conversation at any time.  The kids really like Sparkle Stories.  Theses are great, original, wholesome stories.  Each is about 20 minutes.  We subscribe to 3 different stories and we get new ones each week.  This pictures shows the twins listening to a story that they were so engrossed with that once dinner was finished they continued to listen, staring at at the speakers.



Much of our time lately has been spent like this.  Are you jealous?
 It's always nice when Dad can join us.  It makes our hikes extra special.
 This guy is just so adorable.  I hope I remember all his hugs and "I wuv you mommy" moments.
 Miss independent.  Oh, how did that happen?  :)  Ha!
 A lesson in rock skipping.  That is what all kids should learn in school: physics, geography, PE, safety just to name a few subjects accomplished.
 Sometimes they just look so big.
 My attempt to get more pictures of myself.  I wonder where LBB gets his adventurous spirit from?
She walks to the beat of her own drum, with stockings, and no shoes.  Beautiful.



My life is so very full and here are the reasons why.  These busy 4 amazing children of mine.  It's a wonderful life.
 We finished our yearly 'All about me' books.  Here was the group photo.
Builder has started working on models, or 3D wooden puzzles.  He really enjoyed doing this.
 Animal decided that he needed to make an animal story prompt book for the car.  Which turned into a new baby gift.  It is really nicely done.

 Books are a big part of our lives.  There is always one child, or myself, with a nose in a book.  I think he is researching animals here.
 Ah yes.  She has turned 2 now.  And boy is she busy, busy.  She is constantly eating, yelling, or causing some major mess.  She dumps everything on the floor all the time.  She really does not like to wear shoes - or clothes for that matter.  She loves being outside and nursing with mommy.
 These library books barely made it in the door.  He has had dinosaurs on the brain lately. 
 Snap Circuits.  We just can't get enough of this.
 Family photo courtesy of Builder during a visit to a local Thresherman's Village with our home school co-op.  Hmmm, we are missing a couple people.  However, I think in his mind he included the most important ones.
Enough said!  :)  Although we have our stressful moments, we have a great life.