My life is so very full and here are the reasons why.  These busy 4 amazing children of mine.  It's a wonderful life.
 We finished our yearly 'All about me' books.  Here was the group photo.
Builder has started working on models, or 3D wooden puzzles.  He really enjoyed doing this.
 Animal decided that he needed to make an animal story prompt book for the car.  Which turned into a new baby gift.  It is really nicely done.

 Books are a big part of our lives.  There is always one child, or myself, with a nose in a book.  I think he is researching animals here.
 Ah yes.  She has turned 2 now.  And boy is she busy, busy.  She is constantly eating, yelling, or causing some major mess.  She dumps everything on the floor all the time.  She really does not like to wear shoes - or clothes for that matter.  She loves being outside and nursing with mommy.
 These library books barely made it in the door.  He has had dinosaurs on the brain lately. 
 Snap Circuits.  We just can't get enough of this.
 Family photo courtesy of Builder during a visit to a local Thresherman's Village with our home school co-op.  Hmmm, we are missing a couple people.  However, I think in his mind he included the most important ones.
Enough said!  :)  Although we have our stressful moments, we have a great life.

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