This and That

Look who got a new hat.  I actually knit this one up in a day.  Wow.
 Puzzles.  They are starting to do bigger ones with smaller pieces.  LBB has even started to show some interest.
 Audio books.  We listen to a story or two at dinner every night.  I find this minimizes the dinner ccommotion and brings everyone to the table easier.  Initially, I waffled about this because I was taking away our time for conversation and togetherness.  However, this wasn't happening anyway.  The kids and I usually spent dinner arguing about finishing dinner, or keeping hands to ourselves.  And I am with them all day long, available for conversation at any time.  The kids really like Sparkle Stories.  Theses are great, original, wholesome stories.  Each is about 20 minutes.  We subscribe to 3 different stories and we get new ones each week.  This pictures shows the twins listening to a story that they were so engrossed with that once dinner was finished they continued to listen, staring at at the speakers.

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