Home Learning Moments This Week

We started off the week with a bang.  Tuesday is a busy day with Music Lessons and swim lessons for the twins.  I can not express how happy I am with the Music program and with the instructor.  The kids have an absolute wonderful time and she is open to their enthusiasm.  Wonderful.  We followed swim lessons with a trip to a local nursery for seeds and soil pucks.  We are going to start our indoor green house soon.  We followed that up with a trip to a pet store for a new heat bulb for BoGo.  We toured the store for at least 1/2 hour checking out the pets and their habitats.  Then on to Daddy's work for a family lunch.  We arrived home with just enough time to get dinner ready for post swim chaos.  Then on to swim class.  The twins had to start with an apology to the teacher for not listening last session.  They were awful.  But after a discussion about safety and responsibility they were great at their two sessions this week.  4 more to go.  They love swimming, but I wish the time was not right at dinner (4:30 - 5).

 Books.  The boys love to make books.  They draw pictures on to hand-made books and then dictate their story to me.  I make sure to write it down just as they say it to catch all their vocabulary nuances.  These are going to be great treasures later in life.

 Balance.  We were balancing various objects on a Popsicle stick.  As you can see, Animal had a great time with this. And learned a lot about center points and weights.  Of course, this balance session turned into a catapult target session.  As it should have.
On a day where the morning started off rough, we headed out for a long adventure hike.  It was just what we needed.  The remainder of the day was mellow and friction was minimal.  We headed out to a local Nature Trust and spied the eagles nest.  When we got out of the car, we could hear the eaglets chirping.  Very cool.  We searched for agates and came up empty handed once again.  And then finished our adventure with a pass by a beaver lodge.  The beavers have just started to work.  There were at least 30 fresh sticks added to the lodge.

This morning we were wet felting with our co-op group.  LBB felted some soap and I demonstrated felted snakes with BW providing guidance in the carrier.  Animal made himself a cool new snake, too.  Builder prefers to play with the toys.  Once again we had a great time.  I don't know what the remainder of the day will hold, or tomorrow, but I am sure it will involve a trip out side, some seed starting, and a lot of book reading.


Fashion Show

I pulled this beautiful duo out of the drawer yesterday thinking it was just the right size.  It was.  This was made for her by my second cousin, mt mom's cousin.  Gorgeous.  I think she liked it too.

Always so helpful.  Builder was trying to get her to stand still!!


A New Era

Beefcake and I have entered a new era - scheduled time for exercise.  Yup.  We are breaking in a babysitter and heading out for an hour long walk together one night a week.  In the summer we may even get in a round of golf.  Last night we talked and had a great time.

Now don't get too excited and think that I have become a whole new let loos type of person.  No.  Beefcake and I headed out after all the kids were in bed and the youngst were sound asleep.   She did read the twins a book and turn out the light, though.  Animal happily announced that he has a new best friend. 

I think this will work.  She only lives a few houses down the street, we are familiar with her parents, and she seems responsible. 



We have been busy...when aren't we busy.  We have entered a new stage of life.  The kids have started lessons: music and swimming.  And I have become a chauffeur.  Things have been getting a bit frantic around here lately and I was not happy with it.  The kids were going stir crazy.  The game of chase had morphed into the game of torment.  Change was needed. 

I became more diligent with our "learning" time and have been getting the kids out of the house at least once a day.  However, sending them out of the house usually meant that they were back in 20 minutes.  That wasn't enough.  So, we have resumed our hikes.  We are having to drive a bit to where there is no snow, but the kids are much happier and so am I. 

They have also started a music class.  I stumbled upon a class that allowed all three boys to attend at the same time to minimize the waiting around for private lessons.   We had our first session last week and I was really impressed.  They learned about high and low sounds linking these to instruments and animals.  They were introduced to a Hello, High/Low, and Good bye song.  They read a story and drew a picture.  Wow.  The kids actually learned about music.  There is even stuffed animals to further reinforce the learning!!!!  Great.  The kids loved it and the teacher was wonderful despite the inability for the boys to remain seated and Book Worms constant wondering into the middle of it all.

I thought I would take a break from swimming, but the boys really needed some time away from me.  Also, most sport activities begin in September.  Alas, we are swimming again.  LBB had his lesson last week.  He is amazing.  Floating on his back.  Swimming on his back and his front.  Wow.  I was impressed.  The swim teacher even said that kids never ask to keep going on their backs, but LBB wouldn't stop.  He loves swimming and had actually asked to start lessons again.  I guess it'll work.  The twins start next week.  This will be their first group swim lesson and it is twice a week.  I hope it goes well.


On Rainbows and Eating

My final toque for the season is finished.  I had originally picked out a very bright orange for this guy and was working on some colour combo's to make it work when he suggested a rainbow.  He has been into rainbows lately and usually ends up painting at least one during a painting/colouring session.  I have to say that it turned out pretty cool.  My husband said he needed some dreads, though...


When eating in public, I often get asked how I get my kids to eat vegetables, beans, grains...  With all of our food intolerances our choices are rather limited and forces us into a healthier eating lifestyle.  Also, they have no choice.  They eat what they are given or they don't eat.  As you can see by the above pictures, it also helps to start early.  She stole the broccoli off her brother's lunch plate.


It's Fixed

We have absolutely no luck with the internet.  It has been broken, again.  Actually, it never really worked to start with.  It had to be rebooted everytime the computer went into hibernation.  Frustrating.  Anyway, the little grey box has now been replaced with a larger black box.  The wireless is still not set up, but at least I can surf hard wired.  So, without further ado a few pictures from recent weeks....

 I finished another knit hat.  This one for Animal.  He loves it.  I had started one for builder, but I made it way too small and had to rip it out.

 I love seeing the pictures the boys take.  This one was taken up at the ski hill.  She loves the snow.
 Our newest toy/homeschool resource.  All they are is wooden planks that build structures by stacking.  It is an awesome toy.  We had it up at the ski hill and even the 60 somethings were giving this a try.  I think the older kids (30 and 40 year olds) were sad to see this go home with us.
 As you can see, my sister has really taken to the mom thing.  Carriers are just invaluable.
 This was Animal trying to get everyone to pose for a photo shoot when we were trying to get dinner on the table.  We had a nice visit with all the family.
 Our first head wound.  It wouldn't stop bleeding, so I bandaged it up to keep the blood from getting everywhere.  It was a small cut.
 My small kitchen desk.  The boys have taken over the office.  I can't stand to go in there because it is so cluttered and messy.  We hope to fix that this weekend.
 I found a recipee for coconut cupcakes and vegan icing.  They were delicious and we had fun decorating.
 Yes, it is not all smiles around here!

After our first hair cut.

(P.S.  I was informed that the 40 something playing with the building blocks is not yet 40, he has a few months to go....Very important!!)