It's Fixed

We have absolutely no luck with the internet.  It has been broken, again.  Actually, it never really worked to start with.  It had to be rebooted everytime the computer went into hibernation.  Frustrating.  Anyway, the little grey box has now been replaced with a larger black box.  The wireless is still not set up, but at least I can surf hard wired.  So, without further ado a few pictures from recent weeks....

 I finished another knit hat.  This one for Animal.  He loves it.  I had started one for builder, but I made it way too small and had to rip it out.

 I love seeing the pictures the boys take.  This one was taken up at the ski hill.  She loves the snow.
 Our newest toy/homeschool resource.  All they are is wooden planks that build structures by stacking.  It is an awesome toy.  We had it up at the ski hill and even the 60 somethings were giving this a try.  I think the older kids (30 and 40 year olds) were sad to see this go home with us.
 As you can see, my sister has really taken to the mom thing.  Carriers are just invaluable.
 This was Animal trying to get everyone to pose for a photo shoot when we were trying to get dinner on the table.  We had a nice visit with all the family.
 Our first head wound.  It wouldn't stop bleeding, so I bandaged it up to keep the blood from getting everywhere.  It was a small cut.
 My small kitchen desk.  The boys have taken over the office.  I can't stand to go in there because it is so cluttered and messy.  We hope to fix that this weekend.
 I found a recipee for coconut cupcakes and vegan icing.  They were delicious and we had fun decorating.
 Yes, it is not all smiles around here!

After our first hair cut.

(P.S.  I was informed that the 40 something playing with the building blocks is not yet 40, he has a few months to go....Very important!!)

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  1. I thought she looked like she'd had a haircut. So, you decided to go with bangs. Very nice. Love the touques. But, Builder's can't be your last one. You still have book worm. :)