My Newest Skill

Here is a picture of my latest new thing.  I decided LBB needed a new toque, so I learned to knit.  The lady at the yarn shop thought I was a bit crazy to start in on a project.  She suggested I make a cloth or a scarf first.  Bah.  I wanted something useful.  LBB loves it.  The colours suit him beautifully, although it is hard to see the true colours in the picture.  I even managed to finish it while it is still winter.  Animal, Builder, and my husband have each requested their own.  I told my husband not to expect his until next winter.  I have other things to learn in the mean time.  I really enjoyed this and would like to tackle some slippers for the kids, too.  The socket type my grandma used to make.  With a huge pom pom on the top.  I think the first pair should even be in retro colour just like she used to make: poo brown and army green.  I can't wait. 

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