The Phone

Since my phone is on the fritz again, I been trying to figure out how to take pictures using the IPhone my brother in-law donated.  I have now figured out how to take pictures right side up.

We are sick again.  It seems that we have been sick for months.  We were ill for much of December.  Then, we went away for a couple weeks.  Now we are sick again.  And we don't just get a cold at the same time.  We draw it out into weeks at home my getting the cold one at a time.  I think that we are finally on our last sick person. 

Nevertheless, the kids have managed to entertain themselves fully.  We have transitioned into a gaming family.  My husband and I tried to hold out as long as we could, but with our recent 10 hour car ride we succumbed.  Mostly, they play Angry Birds (all free versions).  They just started Bad Piggies yesterday.  Bad Piggies is a pretty interesting one and I find myself itching to take over the tablet when I cuddle up and watch them play.  They have even decided that I need lesson time and they sit me down and show me all the different strategies they use and the powers the birds have. 

I used to believe that video games were a waste of time.  After reading an article that purposed that preventing kids from gaming was actually a disservice to their future, and a TED talk on how gaming can actually improve a persons life when approached from a family partnership perspective, and then sitting down and playing the games with my kids, my perspective is altered.  There is actually a lot of learning that happens with some of these games.  My kids tend to play cooperatively, too, so there is a lot of working together and problem solving going on as well.


Handy Work

My latest accomplishment.

And theirs.
Sorry it's upside down.  Hmm.


Our fashionable girl.