We are in Alberta on vacation visiting my husbands brother, Aunt, Uncle, and numerous cousins. So far we have spent a lot of time in the car. The toddler is pretty much done with the car. Little does he know we still have to drive home. We only manage about 2 hours of driving before we need to take a break, get out of the car, and run around. So far we have had some decent weather for all those stops. We did stop at one MacDonalds play place and decided that perhaps we would forgo that in the future. Disgusting. I am not sure they clean them after they install them. Ick.

The twins have discovered water slides and they are totally fearless. The first night, we stayed at a hotel with a spiral, tunnel, 2-storey slide. At first, I had to go tandem down the slide with each of them. I think I was more scared. My husband says that I hooted the entire way down. Oooh, ooh, ooooh. I think I must have sounded like my Grandma F. Thank goodness, the twins decided that I no longer needed to accompany them and they climbed to the top and went down themselves. I had to take the toddler and put him to bed, but my husband says that the twins proceeded to get more and more adventurous. I guess they were going down the slide head first, backwards, on tummy's. They were crazy. They even peer pressure one boy who was tentative, and older, into going down the slide.

Yesterday, my husband took the twins to an indoor water park. They started out at the kiddy section and within 2 minutes twin1 was asking to go up the big slide. After venturing to the wave pool, where twin2 body surfed the waves solo, the headed for one of the big slides. Upon reaching the bottom, they were informed that life preservers were not allowed in the big slides so they didn't get to go again, but they thoroughly enjoyed their one big ride. They were even big enough to ride the tube rides. They spent over 2 hours in the park and had an absolute blast. Even my husband came away saying what a great time they all had.

The twins are finally reaching an age where outings are no longer a huge amount of work, but are a lot of fun.

The toddler spends his time absorbing everything, trying to figure out how he can do all the same stuff the twins are doing.

So far, our vacay is a blast. I am hoping to steal away a few hours tomorrow for a spa visit.



We went to school yesterday. During circle time, a song, the kids were marching around in a circle and the toddler wanted to participate. The toddler was in the thick of things for a bit, but quickly got distracted by the music players, CDs, and headphones. The twins were great. When each twin passed by they would away the toddler's mess and try to redirect him. What great big brothers.

The other morning, I had the fireplace on because it was a bit chilly. Once the toddler and my husband woke up, I headed to the shower. I guess the toddler started to get too close to the fireplace, so twin1 told my husband that the toddler was too close and he was going to turn off the fireplace.

I guess it isn't all pushing, taking toys, and attention seeking. Eventually bothers have great brotherly moments. I wonder when they will all be able to play nicely together for longer than 2 minutes?


Day at the Beach

Just chill'in.

Our new friend.

What a beautiful day.

Te He. It's our back yard.

Sometimes I wonder what is with me. I went to the plant store the other day to get some herbs and strawberries for the garden. I pay attention to the cost of things. When the till rang up as what I thought was too much, I just said Hmmm to myself. I arrived home where the twins almost devoured all the parsley and mint that I bought and told my husband that I thought the cashier must have messed up because the amount was a bit high. Sure enough, the amount was about double what it should have been. I convinced my husband to phone back and the cashier says that she thought something wasn't right, but I didn't complain!!!! So, what is wrong with me? Why didn't I question things? I was the only person in the store. Now, I have to drive 20 min to get my money back. Oh, and to purchase another mint plant. I don't think the one that I bought will last all that long. UGG. Sometimes I have a spine and other times, it is non-existent.

On a lighter note. The plants are all in and most of the gardening is finished for the time being. At least until warmer temperatures arrive and the cheap plant sales start.

Still sick around here, but appetites are finally back. Now to just get back on the diet. It is just so nice not to fight over meal time. This morning I made some blueberry muffins (gluten free) and twin2 spent the entire time he was eating it gagging. Grrrr. Why do I bother. Perhaps I should just let them be sick!!! (Bad Mommy)

Yesterday I bought some cute poc-a-dot material to make the toddler a curtain for his room. I sewed it up this morning and it looks great. Very cute. I also bought some cool material for my bedroom, but the window is larger than I anticipated. Also, I think I want some more and I'll frame the material and put it above our bed to tie things together. It's time for some room decorating. Last week I even managed to put pictures up downstairs. I am feeling decorative. It's kind of fun.



Sometimes lack of sleep is a good thing. Yesterday morning, my husband awoke and announced he was tired of looking at the unfinished ceiling in the basement. Wahoo. I guess he was up with the toddler for a few hours in the middle of the night, passed under the unfinished ceiling and decided it really wouldn't take that long to complete. So, off to the hardware store after breakfast to buy the tiles and up they went. There are still a few more to go - the ones that need to be cut - but at least the huge hole is gone. Ya for no sleep. Who new?

I too had a bit of insomnia that night and decided that we had gotten too off diet with the kids last week. I went on an anti-cooking binge because all were sick and instead catered to whatever they would attempt to eat, including many foods that they should not be eating. During one of my pee breaks with the twin2 in the middle of the night, also during my insomnia period, I went down stairs to tuck twin2 back in and noticed twin1 with legs in the air scratching furiously while still attempting to sleep. I spent the next few hours feeling very guilty about allowing them to eat all the forbidden foods because it was pretty obvious we were suffering the consequences. Their eczema is back full swing and is hindering good sleep, they are craving sweets again - constantly asking for cookies, and refuse to eat any of the allowed foods. Oh, and I think the prolonged illness probably has something to do with the poor diet. So sorry kiddos. Nonetheless, after family dinner last night, we are back on the wagon today. Let the constant struggle at meal times begin. Ug. It was so nice not to fight with them last week, but the consequences are just too great. We really don't want to end up in the hospital.


Good Morning

It looks like it is going to be another beautiful day. A perfect day to clean up the vegetable boxes and get them ready for manure.

The twins and I cleaned up one box yesterday and planted a bunch of Sweet Peas. I hope they grow. I love the smell of them. I have yet to be successful growing them, though. I believe I have always planted them too late.?.


I had a not quite so beautiful morning a week ago that I thought I would share. This is pre-time change, so the kids were up early - around 6:30. Within 1/2 an hour, while my husband was getting ready for work and unable to help, twin2 helped empty his potty and dumped pee all over the floor/bathtub/cabinet, the toilet plugged with floaters (uhg), 2 poopy pull-ups, and a spilled glass of water in the office. I spent the half hour running from one mess to the other trying to keep the toddler out and keep the bodily waste from being spread throughout the house. An entire closet of towels later, messes were cleaned up.

Sometimes I feel like my life is in the toilet. It's nice when we are greeted with slow sunny mornings like today. Breakfast and tea are leisurely, kids wake at staggered times so I can deal with their morning demands one at a time - and yes, they are very demanding. In fact, I am being yelled at right now to come cuddle with twin2. I guess some demands are not so bad. :)

Kids are still sick with this awful cold. The cough seems to last forever.



Yet another sick day around here. This cold seems to take awhile to take hold and then when it does it never leaves. The poor hubby was up with the toddler most of the night. Baby's, or at least our baby's, seem to have such a hard time with a stuffy nose. All three of them really have a tough time sleeping and end up sleeping on daddy's chest. Perhaps it is just the comfort of dad, but they all seem to sleep a little better when they are elevated.

I remember one cold with the twins. They each took turns not sleeping at night, first one, then the other. The only way we could get twin1 to sleep was seated in his car seat with the car running. Poor hubby spent the majority of the night trying to sleep in the car, while I was in the house trying to sleep with twin2. Oh, those were the times.

With this cold, it seems that they are staggering themselves. So instead of getting it all over with a few sleepless nights, the lack of sleep is stretched over several weeks. We are currently on day 3 of week 2. But, really, who am I kidding. My husband and I do not sleep even when the kids are healthy. We sort of doze in preparation for the next screaming child. And why are we having a forth? Hmm. Because kids are wonderful when they are healthy. Oh, and when they are sick they cuddle a lot. Maybe having sick kids isn't quite so bad!!


Boat Trip

We took our first trip out in the boat yesterday. However, we didn't go further than 10' from the dock because we only had one oar AND we were checking to see if the boat would actually float. It did!! My husband bought the boat on Craig's List last year and we finally got around to checking if it actually floated. Which it did, so now we can start to fix it up, get a little motor, oh, and some oars. Fun, fun. The kids are pretty excited about it. And I am too.
I am finally done painting the living room. I finished last night and now I can start to put things away and get some semblance of organization in my house. Or at least for a moment before one, or all, of the kids starts to rip it apart again.



Raising twins is an experience. And, not always an enjoyable one. Recently, though, the twins have begun climbing into each others beds at night to fall asleep. There is absolutely nothing more beautiful as seeing two brothers choosing to be so close. The bond of twins is certainly remarkable and I feel fortunate to get to witness it first hand.


Language is most definitely not just the use of words. My toddler, although he possesses a few words, can communicate his needs. Frustration is communicated through a mass of grunts and groans. The need for food is communicated by pushing his high chair around the kitchen. The need for a diaper change is solved by shoving the bag of diapers in my face. Yup, words are only a small part of communication.


I'm Baaaack

Spring Break. Neighbors away. No Internet. Say no more.


Speaking of Spring Break. Where is it? The snow that fell for 4 hours yesterday did not feel like spring. Now, 2 weeks ago when we were playing outside with no jackets on, that was spring... Spring, spring, please come back.


Twin1 has developed a new pretend character...... a duck. Very interesting. The toddler has added a few more words: Thank you, more, Bye Bye with a wave. And he has added to his dance repertoire. He now does the twist. Too cute.

Twin1 is sick with a cold, so we have been staying in this week. I am starting to go stir crazy. I Hope we will be able to get out today..


Painting is almost complete. Only one more wall to go. Of course, it is the biggest, with the most stuff to move, so this wall sits idle while I wait for my husband to help move things. Speaking of my husband, he is working like crazy this week. Why is it that when one co-worker takes a holiday, the rest of the employees suffer..... Hmmm. There just is something not quite right about this.


Baby update. I am huge. Well, not really, but I am really frumpy. It's like all my organs have been pushed up and flopped forward because all of my muscles have been stretched out by 2 other pregnancies. Very frumpy. I still need to make a doctors apt. Hopefully, next week....


Great Day

Things are running too smoothly today. Laundry = check; Vacuum = check; paint 2 walls = check; play hockey with kids = check; sit on the deck with no jacket and absorbing some vitamin D = check. Lets just hope the rest of the day goes well. Oh, and I don't even have to cook dinner - sushi with the family tonight. Yum.


Cleaning House

Along with being pregnant seems to come a need to clean house. Usually, this comes in the form of organizing rooms to accommodate the new addition, or purging items that could harm the new baby or are too disgusting to keep around. This time the 'disgusting' seems to be the framework of the house. Last week, I spent 2 days cleaning the house: floors, dusting, window... This week I am painting. We still hadn't painted the ceilings since acquiring the house 3 years ago. And as this was a smokers house, the yellow, tar, green paint dappled ceilings needed to go. We tackled the kitchen in the fall and it looks beautiful. Now, the living room / dining room. The ceiling is now done. I managed to complete 7/8 of it all myself. My back, arms, and neck are very tired and sore, but the ceiling looks great. Now, on to the walls. Since having kids, the prep part seems to be taking a lot longer. There are plenty more holes and dents in the walls this time around, which means more filling, sanding, and priming. As of this morning, prep is done. Now, I get to see the new color on the walls. This is the exciting part. Next, the hallway!! He, he. My husband doesn't know this yet.


I Quit

It has been 5 months of cold turkey potty training and I have finally given up. The twins are back in Pull-ups. They still use the potty, but if there is a pre-dribble it no longer results in an entire wardrobe change. Ya. My frustrations are gone and along with it the immense amount of laundry. We attempted to push it for a long time, but I guess the twins just were not ready. We really will wait for them to train themselves!

We met my sister halfway yesterday and had an awesome lunch, play in the park, and a shopping adventure. Olive Garden for lunch always seems to go over well with kids. I think because the food comes so fast and just keeps on coming: Bread sticks, salad, entree. They even split the meal for the kids in the kitchen. We have never had a bad experience with kids at the Olive Garden.

Then we headed over to this beautiful park. We have found some amazing parks in the US. The playground equipment is new and exciting, there is ample room to run around, little worry about kids running into traffic, and lots of walking on either paved or unpaved track, and lots of clean washrooms. (A must for a pregnant lady!!) Just great parks. My sister has one a few blocks away from her house and it is awesome, too. When a community in the US has money, they seem to really know how to provide a green space.

Next we headed off to find Trader Joes in hopes of finding some cheaper foods that the twins could eat. I left the address at home, but with the help of GPS and a lot of hopeful driving we found it. I had never been to a Trader Joes before, but our Naturopath told us if we were ever in the US that we should go. So, away we went. Two kids were sleeping, so I only had one with me. We found some awesome stuff. Gluten-free, corn-free, dairy-free, soy-free pancake/brownie mix. Ya. Now I don't have to make everything from scratch. And there are even alternate recipes on the package for cookies/cakes. Wahoo. I just hope it tastes good. If it does the trip will be well worth it. We also found some Sweet Potatoe chips the twins can eat and they loved them. When I got back to the car, we immediately opened the bag to try them. My husband ran right back in to get some more. We brought 10 bags home with us!! We will definitely be asking my sister to stalk up on a few things when she comes to visit next time.

By the time we got home, with a brief stop at Costco for Pull-ups, it was after 8pm. A very long, but wonderful, day.