Such a cutey.

My favorite place

An adventure walk

I found a 1 inch agate right away.

The wind blows the sand that way.  "Let's chase it."

Harpoon throwing by animal.

"Look mom, there are tones of rocks under the sand.  Let's dig."-LBB


Huge Eagles nest.

As the bus rolls by on the first day of school...

The Original....

Ninja Turtle.

Machi Koro

A new board game love.

Builder conquers the game.  He picked it up so fast and beat us so badly that beefcake and I had to discuss strategy and work together to even come close to him.

Zip line

Boys got to go.  Bug was just too short. :(


Such a cool experience.

Golf Vacation

We went to a golf resort for summer holiday.  It turned out the big boys thought they were there to golf alongside beefcake.  Whoops.  This is the beginning of had turned out to be a full summer of golf.  They love it! Beefcake is thrilled to share his passion with them.


Certainly a well loved dog.

Play Doh

Always a hit :)

Historic Site with My Mom and Bro

Candid shots.

Egg toss.  They placed second.

Game of horse shoes.

Candy cigar.

Treats at the General Store.