It's All Gone

His hair that is.  I asked him how he wanted to cut his hair next time and he said take it all of.  Then he kept asking when we would buzz it.  Today was the day.

He looks so very different!


Our February Snow Pile

....makes the very best snow fort and sledding hill.  This is the snow pile surrounding our drive way.  

And look at that gorgeous sunny blue sky.

Kitchen Helper

My little helpers using the crinkle cutter from Nan.




LBB has been needing a bit of extra connection and comfort at bedtime.  I get to drift off to sleep looking at this cute boy.



Great grandma's hand knits.  Passed done and worn by all the kids, providing warmth and comfort.  Such a gift.

And yes, it is on backwards!



LBB was needing a place to tuck himself away, but still be close to the action.  He had been requesting to hide himself away under the pulled out hide-a-bed.  We were ok with this, but found the sofa to take up a lot of space when pulled out.  So, Dad to the rescue with a homemade fort.  We had all the supplies.  It took an hour to put together.  LBB is very happy and so are we.