Morning Routine

I just thought I would share my morning routine for the moment because it strikes me as kind of funny.

6:30 wake up to either baby crawling around the bed or the pitter patter of little feet running up the stairs yelling MoUUm.
6:35 race upstairs with baby to get twin1 or 2 on the potty before he pees in his pull up
6:35 turn Handy Manny on
6:40 clean potty, open treat
6:41 change babies diaper
6:45 open gate for other twin and put him on the put against protest before he pees in pull up
6:46 surveil the kitchen to see what needs doing before I can help get husband out the door
6:47 put any remaining dishes in dishwasher, turn on dishwasher, Nuc tea for myself
6:48 ask if husband wants coffee or just shake and remind husband about possible lunch options in fridge or freezer
6: 50 clean second potty, give treat, get milk for twins
Uh break. Gulp tea
7:00 byes to Daddy
7:01 put together baby's breakfast, feed baby
7:15 make own shake and guzzle
7:20 begin coaxing both twins on to potty again, get clothes out for day, pick up any leftover clothes/dishes from night before
7:30 finally get twins on potty again, drink now cold tea
7:40 return to clean potties and dress twins/baby
7:45 break up fight between twins
7:50 nurse baby
8:00 I get to shower

Wahoo and that is only the morning.


Ode to Parents

I am writing this after a thoroughly wonderful day spent with my mother. And it isn't over yet. I can't begin to explain to anyone how grateful I am to have such wonderful parents. Not just mine, but also my husbands. Today, my mother organized for me to have a massage with her exceptional massure and she paid for it and watched the baby while I had the massage. Wow. Above and beyond. I am now home for a brief spell and then we are off to my parents house for Monday night dinner. Wahoo.

At this point, I must also mention that I came home to a clean house too. What a husband. Today, I feel totally spoiled.

Ode to Parents

I love thee
Let me count the ways
I cannot explain
Though come what may
All the times
You rescue, aid, and pay.

I appreciate you
Am grateful too
For all the many things you do.

I hope you realize
I can't always materialize
The glistening in my eyes.

I can't wait to help my children out as much as my parents have help me. Once a parent, always a parent.


Ah the Weekend

Love the weekend. It's a chance for me to get a little respite from the SAHM syndrome. And I have to say that I am very happy that summer is over. I love the freedom of summer and the opportunity to swim and play outside, but I have to say, I am not exactly a fan of all the events that happen (ie. fairs, BBQs, golf tournaments...). As all MoM's know, events take a lot of planning and organization and pressure. At an event I am always on the lookout and feel like I have to be extra vigilant because people are watching....and they are. As a mom of twins, red headed twins, every time I leave the house, I am a spectacle and, as such, people tend to notice the hitting/pushing/yelling that goes on. You know, the MES (multiple escalation syndrome). Anything having to do with twins is not just double, its exponential and unless you have had twins your self, you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about. And no, having two kids really close together is not the same thing. I am so happy that the events are over and we can once again hang out as a family. Some of the pressure is off. My husband is no longer covering holidays for fellow co-workers, or has an all day golf tournament to attend. We can once again have low stress breakfast at the family restaurant, despite the fact that twin1 pees all over the booth seat. I know it sounds selfish, but remember, if the wife is happy, everyone is happy.


Afternoon Calm

I hate to say it because for two years I managed to avoid it, but at the moment TV is a necessity around my house. For the first two years of my twins life, they watched no TV. I thought this was because I was doing such a great job of not letting them. I had heard that there was a correlation between ADHD and TV watching, so I really tried to avoid it. However, that doesn't mean that there was no TV on in the house. Instead, the TV was on with my shows and no cartoons.

We took a long driving trip to visit family and the the no cartoon phase of my life was over. There was a DVD player in the car we drove and from then on, they have been hooked on cartoons.

I can't say I was upset over this because at the time, I was pregnant and exhausted. I found the TV allowed me to get some down time from my extremely demanding 2 y/o twins. Then in the first few months of the new babies life, cartoons allowed me to figure out nursing while the twins were being entertained somewhat. (They certainly got in to their fair share of trouble despite the TV) Now as my 9 month old naps in the afternoon, I find that I turn the TV on to give myself a little 'me' time in the middle of the afternoon when I hit my afternoon slump at 3:00pm.

With our new baby, I see that sometimes he watches the TV and giggles at it. So I wonder if I really had anything to do with the no TV watching for the first two years of the twins lives, or was it the lack of cartoons. Or perhaps it comes down to personality. I find the new baby to be much more observant and extroverted than the twins were.

To conclude, I would just like to apologize for any ill thoughts I had of other moms who allowed their children to watch TV. I still envision the days when my house will be sans TV, but at the moment I just don't see it happening.

Virgin Blogger

I have tried several times to start a diary, I have even succeeded for a short time, but it has never stuck. I love the idea of a diary. Something to look back on and record the ups and downs of life. As a fairly reclusive person, I also believe in the mental therapy that a diary can/could provide. As such, this is my final attempt at a diary.

Today was one of those days. Ug. One of those days when a diary is necessary because I have guilt. Lets back up a bit... I have three children and packed on the pounds with each (2 - my first was a set twins) pregnancy. I have recently managed to lose all of the pregnancy weight. Wahoo. Now leap back to the future. I have guilt.

My father was on his way to pick up the twins this morning for his Saturday morning grandson-a-thon. I was sitting on the front stairs, while the twins put on their bike helmets in preparation to ride up and down the street until Dad arrived. We have a steep driveway and the twins have successfully figured out how to ride down it slowly using the bike brakes. Well, today twin2 decided he would revert to his old style of braking using his foot placed behind the pedal dragging on the ground. He proceeded to go faster and faster down the driveway, straight into the gate blocking the driveway on the other side of the road. He hit the gate, he and the bike bounced off the gate, and he hit the ground. I ran to him to make sure he was okay - I was pretty sure he was, just a little shaken. In the mean time, I left the front door open where my 9 month old had been playing in my bedroom with 'the robot'. I consoled twin2 and was carrying him and the bike back up our drive, when I notice a flash of white rolling down our front steps. Yup. The baby had just fallen down the stairs. Guilt, have I said GUILT. I felt like the world's worst mom and it had all happened in a matter of 5 minutes. I have always been so careful, have taught the twins to be so careful. GUILT.

I should now say that twin2 was totally unscathed and the baby had cut his lip a bit. I told my father what happened, he looked at the baby - who gave one of his big toothy smiles (the baby, not my father) - and he said, "He looks okay!" I have to admit that he did look okay, but still. I ran in the house, nursed the baby to sleep for his nap (I know, should I have allowed him to go to sleep? I don't know, but I felt that eventually he would have fallen asleep anyway), jumped on the internet to research 9 month olds who have fallen down the stairs and what to do about it.

After all of this, all I want to do is sit in front of the TV with a big bag of any starchy, salty food and drown my guilt. So...instead...in an attempt to maintain my weightloss

I decided I needed to start journalling, mental therapy. Lets hope this works.