They picked and sold the pears from our tree this year.  

Counting the earnings.

Cooking Eggs

They are pros now.


This science kit was excellent.

Mine craft Gathering

Check out all these home learners playing Minecraft together on servers.

Dissection of Perch

Good times. Examination with microscope, too.

Busy Bug

No slow moments with this one.


It's getting cold out.  A couple mornings of snow.  Nothing sticking yet.

Wand Making

These turned out awesome.  We used rolled paper, hot glue for decoration and embellishment, and paint.  

Stuffie Making

Beefcakes socks were recycled.  :)

Board Games

There is always a game or two in circulation here.



Machi Koro 

Good Drive

Not quite as much collected as last year, but still pretty good.  

Tea Party

Summer was in getting groomed so we had to set up a tea party on the floor.


They just can't get enough.  They prefer Rummoli.  Such fond memories playing Riis game with my cousins and Grandma.  :)

Elsa Hanging out at Gymnastics!!

She insisted.  She tripped, stepped on it, and kept wearing it.


She is in Sparks this year and LOVES it.  Singing, crafts, lots of giggling...she's all over that.

Puppet shows

Yes please!  

Me and my Man - animal :)