Ready or not?

Yes. I am officially ready to have this baby. Now lets get this over with so life can move on again. I am sick and tired of not being able to do anything and never knowing if I will get out of bed or will be stuck for the day. Grr. I am done.


Cabbage Head

Take a look at the size of that one! Both are home grown.


I realized that I had no pictures of wonderful Grandma. Here she is - accusitory finger and all!! Giggle.


The Kids

It has been a long time since I have done a kid update. Things have just been such a whirlwind around here with visiting friends and family, boating, hospital visits, work... oh and pure exhaustion. The time/energy to blog has simply left me. I have read other blogs where this very same thing happens. We get introverted and have trouble getting things out, despite the fact that all would just seem better if we put it out there. Hmm. Well back to the kids.

Twin1 - says 'I love you, too' almost hourly. He is such a sweet, affectionate little man. He loves to cook and help out in the garden. He just really likes to be around people. He is very affectionate towards others and has a hard time letting go. My best friend from back east was visiting and twin1 really took to her. He had a hard time saying goodbye. He even packed his own suitcase and wanted to go sleep at 'wou' (you) house. Twin1 is our highly distractable child. He will head off to do something and never come back. It doesn't seem to be on purpose either.

Twin2 - is our master builder. Almost daily he puts on his hard hat and vest, grabs his tools, and heads off to fix things. He has really taken to the computer, which we now have to monitor because he has figured out how to turn it on and open the one game that he can access. Within this one game is a memory game that he is amazing at. We had no idea. He will sit and watch twin1 take his turn and when twin1 gives up, twin2 will finish it with barely a flaw. It is very impressive. His memory is a lot better than he lets on. Twin2 is our obstinate child. You can ask him to do something and he look at you and turn around and do something else, completely ignoring you.

Toddler - is finally moving out of his tantrum stage. He still has tantrums, just not for no apparent reason. He is extremely stubborn - takes after me eeek. He is also very loving. He will come up to you for no reason at all and give you a big cuddle and kiss. It is adorable and very special. He is still extremely busy. When he does decide to settle down and cuddle, you need to drop all that you are doing and really soak it in. He has started to clean up some of his messes - wet ones mainly, but it is a start. He loves water and thoroughly enjoys helping clean, cook, garden.... Oh and the strawberry patch is his favorite place in the garden. He climbs right in and picks away. We recently went raspberry picking and he came away covered in red. I wish I had had my camera. It was very cute.

There is so much to share about these little men. They are my life and astound me with their brilliance, compassion, and creativity everyday. How fortunate I am to be their mom.