A day at the ocean

And a meeting of families.





And really cute niece and nephew 

My sisters daughter

Isn't she too cute.

BMX Racing

They absolutely love it.  We have to entice LBB off the track with Popsicles and water.  BW screams woohoo down every roller drawing lots of smiles from parents.  



I heard through social media about a performance if the Little Mermaid performed by a children's theater from a nearby town.  The performance was at 12:30 on a Friday afternoon.  My children were the only ones there over the age of 4.  They loved it.  They sat on the edge of their seats the entire show.  What a hame more children didn't get to experience this event.


Home School Co-op

I I organized a home school co-op in our new city to help meet some other adventurous sorts.  The outings are all outside, minimally organized, with lots of time for play and exploration.  So far, we have met some really lovely people.

Today we headed out Mt Biking.  Last time we explored local watershed on a river side trail.

All 3 boys were very excited to lead the group as we had mapped and tagged the trail ahead of time.  They rode between groups reassuring everyone that they were on the right path. Their leadership skills received a workout today and they rose to the occasion.  I was so proud of all 3 boys.

Leveled Up

All 3 boys earned their high white Judo belt.  They are thrilled.  I wasn't quite camera ready for the first one.




Very exciting.  They are all committed to next year and are happy for a summer break.


Learning all the time

Just because we are finished reporting our learning for the year that doesn't mean the learning stops.  Learning is life is learning around here.  It is I possible to separate the two.

Balloon play turns into writing practice.

Cargo Bridge - cool game about physics of bridge building and cost of supplies.

Board games - Sequence Numbers this time.


View from our Juliet deck.