Annual Visit

We had our annual visit with my best friend from across the country.  They stayed 2 nights.  As per usual, the weather did not cooperate.  Still, we managed some outside activities and introduced them to geocaching.  We filled the remainder of our indoor time with a play, and many board games.  The kids got along really well this time, too. 


The Phone

I am always complaining about my husband's phone, or rather, about him being distracted by and attached to his phone.  However, his attachment does have some benefits.  He always has it when a picture opportunity is presented.  Here are some pictures taken from his phone over the last year - 6 months.
Did I mention that this girl loves to dress up.
I have no idea when this was taken.  Perhaps in February when we visited the local science place.
Ah yes, the tree.  We came across this tree when trying to find a place to eat.  This is located at our favorite beach town, which also boasts our favorite toy store and is somewhat mid way  to my sister.
This was is May of 2012.  I believe this is the week of our 10 year anniversary.
LBB laceration after falling from his bike.  He required on stitch.  The nurse suggested that my husband and I should sit down in case we felt faint.  Ha.  I do not think this will be our last stitch in this guy.
And here he is all sewn up.  He was very brave, until the nurse told him it was okay to cry.  Then it was hard to stop him.  I mean he is the middle child and has fully learned how to scream and cry from attention.  Our family doctor phoned several times to schedule a time to remove the stitch.  Ha.  I have had enough stitches myself to know that it is a simple thing.  We sterilized our equipment, called all the kids to around to watch, and together removed the stitch without him knowing it was over.
Our local story time had some old fashioned games.  These two managed to get in the local paper with this one.
Builder was not interested in participating.  Animal was game, though.  He had a great time.

Water Rocket

After finding inspiration from a book, we checked out some You Tube videos on simple water rockets.  By 8;30 am, we were launching water rockets int he backyard.  Fun.  With all sorts of science talk added in.



The crank level around here lately has been at an all time high.  The three boys have been fighting like crazy.  Full on hitting, kicking fighting.  They were arguing with me and just being all around nasty.  I was trying to empathize and reason with them.  Nothing was working.  So, what is a momma to do.  Ha.  Cut out TV.  Yup.  Within a day, the fighting decreased dramatically. They would still disagree with each other and argue, but the hitting and kicking is almost gone.  The twins are now including LBB in their play.  Oh and the play has increased of course.  I had a couple of medieval craft books sitting on the craft table for 2 weeks.  They were still untouched.  They finally looked at them and started creating.  They made catapults and a kings tent.  They decorated.  We visited the library and took out even more crafting books: origami, clay, felting.  Fun, fun.  Several times a day, they still ask for TV and melt down when I say no.  They have their pout session.  Then they ask me to help them sew a teddy bear, or read a book.  It is nice to have my little people back.  The transformation is amazing and well worth the few meltdowns over no TV.  I much prefer this way of life to the none stop fighting.

They even helped LBB make a blow gun.
The kings tent, which later turned into a circus tent with juggling ferocious tigers and venomous snakes.  Eek.
Oh and hear is a random cute picture of this little girl.  She is now climbing everything.  She climbs up the toilet and plays with the taps at the sink.  She was very happy until her brothers insisted on her turning off the taps just before I took the picture.


We visited our first local museum about a month ago and the kids have been asking to go to another.  This one was really neat with a tent city to show various Gold Rush Scenes.  The kids are really into this and patiently listen to the guides and even ask questions.

 I sent them to jail!!  Look.  They were even happy to go.
 Of course, even BW got in on the action.  The kids are great about not touching and respecting the old artifacts.

 We even got to gold pan.  The kids struck it rich and took their finds home in vials.

Previously in the week, Builder had found some metal on the side of the road that he insisted was really old and needed to be taken to a museum.  I thought it was a car part.  We showed my husband and he said it wasn't a car part.  So, to the museum we went.  We asked the guides if they thought it was an artifact.  They said that they didn't know, but they could ask their historian and let us know.  They graciously took the metal piece, Builder's info and will get back to us.  What a great experience for him.  Lets hope we hear from them soon.  We will definitely be back to this museum.  And the next time, they will pick up some other information.  This is the way learning should be.