The crank level around here lately has been at an all time high.  The three boys have been fighting like crazy.  Full on hitting, kicking fighting.  They were arguing with me and just being all around nasty.  I was trying to empathize and reason with them.  Nothing was working.  So, what is a momma to do.  Ha.  Cut out TV.  Yup.  Within a day, the fighting decreased dramatically. They would still disagree with each other and argue, but the hitting and kicking is almost gone.  The twins are now including LBB in their play.  Oh and the play has increased of course.  I had a couple of medieval craft books sitting on the craft table for 2 weeks.  They were still untouched.  They finally looked at them and started creating.  They made catapults and a kings tent.  They decorated.  We visited the library and took out even more crafting books: origami, clay, felting.  Fun, fun.  Several times a day, they still ask for TV and melt down when I say no.  They have their pout session.  Then they ask me to help them sew a teddy bear, or read a book.  It is nice to have my little people back.  The transformation is amazing and well worth the few meltdowns over no TV.  I much prefer this way of life to the none stop fighting.

They even helped LBB make a blow gun.
The kings tent, which later turned into a circus tent with juggling ferocious tigers and venomous snakes.  Eek.
Oh and hear is a random cute picture of this little girl.  She is now climbing everything.  She climbs up the toilet and plays with the taps at the sink.  She was very happy until her brothers insisted on her turning off the taps just before I took the picture.

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