We visited our first local museum about a month ago and the kids have been asking to go to another.  This one was really neat with a tent city to show various Gold Rush Scenes.  The kids are really into this and patiently listen to the guides and even ask questions.

 I sent them to jail!!  Look.  They were even happy to go.
 Of course, even BW got in on the action.  The kids are great about not touching and respecting the old artifacts.

 We even got to gold pan.  The kids struck it rich and took their finds home in vials.

Previously in the week, Builder had found some metal on the side of the road that he insisted was really old and needed to be taken to a museum.  I thought it was a car part.  We showed my husband and he said it wasn't a car part.  So, to the museum we went.  We asked the guides if they thought it was an artifact.  They said that they didn't know, but they could ask their historian and let us know.  They graciously took the metal piece, Builder's info and will get back to us.  What a great experience for him.  Lets hope we hear from them soon.  We will definitely be back to this museum.  And the next time, they will pick up some other information.  This is the way learning should be.

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