The Accomplishments of LBB

Yesterday, (hrmm, I mean 2 days ago now) LBB had a big day.  Just one week previously, LBB learned to ride a two wheeler with no training wheels.  Wow.  That same week, LBB decided he was now going to wear big boy underpants.  So, we headed to the store where he could pick out his new unders.  He has had few pee accidents since and no poop accidents. Wow.

So the other day at dinner, the twins were taking turns telling stories.  Usually, LBB just takes it all in and eats quietly supplying a laugh every so often.  That night, though, he told his first story.  Please try to picture this told in almost a whisper by a little boy with big blue eyes, and even bigger facial expressions to accompany his tale in very serious story telling mode.  Here goes.

Once upon a time there was a dragon.
And there was a tree.
The dragon ate the tree.
And he POOPED!

You have to realize that at the moment all his thoughts revolve around pee and poop.  The story was priceless.

Later, after I had cleaned up the kitchen and we were out on our after dinner bike ride.  LBB asked me to watch him ride his bike.  Yup, he had already mastered a trick.  He had barely been riding the bike for a week.  He can now lift his bum up off the seat while he rides.  What a trickster.

Upon arriving home, the boys continued to ride and BW helped me replant the rose bushes that I had removed a couple days before when LBB had a window put into his bedroom.  I. had just finished cleaning up and was about to call in the twins when LBB said he was going to have one more ride.  Well, he decided to ride down our steep drive and over a baseball bat.  SPLAT.  He fell right on his chin.  We rushed to the hospital.  Thankfully, Uncle R came to the rescue and stayed at home with the other 3 kids.  LBB bravely received his first stitch.  I fear, however, this will not be my last trip to the hospital with this little man.

What a big day.  And what an even bigger week.  He is growing up too fast.

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