A Tale and a Bit of Life

We had home school co-op yesterday.  We were tie-dying.  We were on a farm with animals.  The weather was perfect for it.  The setting was even better.  The younger kids had all had their share of playing in the dye and had headed off to play in the large tree fort.  The moms and older kids continued to tie dye and converse.  BW played in the buckets of rinsing water with delight and an audience.  I look up to check on the kids and groaned, "Oh no."  Of course, this caused all the other moms to look at what I was looking at.  My LBB is standing on the edge of the tree house, pants around his ankles, peeing off the edge into a field below.  A little girl playing bellow stares in fear of the steady stream that narrowly misses her.  All the other moms laugh and tell their boy-pee stories.  I guess I should be glad he didn't pee in his pull-up, or on the little girl!

The boys have been trying their hand at some physics lately.  They found an old bike tire.  Of which, I think they took it from behind the neighbors shed.  When I asked where they got it from they replied, "We found it first."  Hmm.  Alas, they rigged up a pulley/crane with it.  Here you can see them trying to lift a round of wood and LBB with it.  It didn't work.

 They tried, but the log was too heavy.  They did manage to lift a few other things.  And then they tied to to the swing set and used it as a swing.
 I couldn't resist a picture of this cutie.  She is always close to the action, but usually stays a safe distance away.  Yesterday, however, the twins were trying to get her to be lifted in the crane.  She was not impressed.
 They also built their own see saw and then adjusted the lever to get the balance right.

And we also learned a new game.  Mancala - one of the oldest games known to exist.  The twins are great at this and usually out strategize me.  The other night I taught beefcake and his comment was, "And the twins can play this."  Yes, they can and win too.

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