A few weeks ago we were out foraging with our home school co-op.  We picked and ate, strawberry leaves, dandelion leaves, wood violets, nettle, salmon berry shoots, fireweed, miners lettuce, fiddle heads.  We had a guide to show us the ins and outs.  And of course to remind us that 'red means dead.'  My kids had a blast.  And they tried out the packs we picked up for them.  We rounded things off with a fire, but unfortunately got rained out and headed for home.

 My red heads wearing their packs and taking in all the fire knowledge they could.

 I mean really, don't we live in the most beautiful place.  What a great way to raise a family.
Here is Book Worm making her way through some fireweed.  It was cooked and we added some vinegar.  I found the fireweed to be a bit bitter.  The salmon berry shoots, nettle, and fiddle heads were delicious.

The posts have been a bit scarce lately, but as you can see we are living life and enjoying all that spring brings with it.  We are outside often.

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