Science World

We went to science world a few weeks ago.  The trip was organized by the home school group, so the rate was great.  However, because it was a school outing, I was flying solo with 4 kids in a busy place.  All and all, it went way better than I anticipated.  We had a great time.  The kids wished they could have stayed longer.  We participated in a magnets workshop that the kids found a bit too structured with not enough time for experimentation.  They did return home, though, with a need to show and tell everyone they say about magnets.
 They have spent a fair bit of time at this wind tunnel wall each time we have gone.
 LBB gave the weighted wheel a try.
 BW quite liked that this one was at her level.
 These guys were experimenting with pulleys and their own weight.
 A great shot of just my kids.  This took a bit, but I finally got it.
 They each ran around trying out the different science experiments.  I was constantly counting 1, 2, 3, 4 and swinging my head like a pendulum.
This was by far the favorite this time around - the water area.  BW loved this and would happily have spent all her time here.  Well, here and the dancing room.  The other 3 had a great time shooting the balls, diverting water, making fountains and dams.  Next year we will buy a family pass.

Unfortunately, our adventures are still structured around BW's nap.  So, we had to head out at 1:30.  We had to pick up a buying club order on our way home.  The pick-up took way longer than expected and we ended up in rush hour traffic.  Thankfully, my cousins were home and we dropped by for dinner and a play visit.  Thanks guys.  You saved me.  The kids were very done with being in the car at that point.  We stayed until bedtime and then I finished up the last driving stretch.  I survived.  It was a long day, but well worth it.

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