Sports Day

Yup.  Even homeschoolers have a Sports Day.  And because we are all families, there was even a group for LBB's age level.  LBB was a bit skeptical at first, but once Daddy arrived he brightened up.  I don't think I would have pulled this one off by myself.  It was nice to have my husband and Nan there.  The event took place in the town where beefcake works, so with a few adjustments to his day he was able to drop by.
Big Jump by Builder.
Daddy was at the end, so LBB was pretty keen to get down there.  He even false started.  As you can see, BW even got in on this one.  Oh, and Nan.  She can't seem to resist a competition.
He was a bit of a pendulum - swinging about 10 times before he threw.
Another big jump.
This was by far the twins favorite event.  They had huge smiles as you can see.
Here comes Animal.
They even got a certificate.
And we were all together and had an extra person to take the picture, so we took a family photo.  When all was finished, Animal asked if we could do that again.  Yup - next year.

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