Unschooling Conference

Entertaining the audience

Crochet iron man mitts with light

Games room

Dance attire

Cup building


My wonderful mom

Dinner at my sisters



After not seeing any bear last year, we've had two pass through our yard in 2 weeks.  The one below was BIG.

Pottery Class

Twins and I took a pottery class.  We each made a square plate and a mug/vase.

Rock Climbing Gym

Such fun.  We had to take dad the following day, too.  

We all raced several times.


Prediction Race

After a series of injuries and putting my half marathon training on hiatus, my jogging partner and I are back.  I ran my first 5 k prediction race.  It was fun.

Maze/tent Building

Some Math

Rollerblading inside and out

Free range while the carpet is gone and we await new flooring.

LBB didn't last.  He said his were too noisy.
Funny.  The are all wearing red shirts.


Pre Drive-In

What else were we to do as we waited for the movie to start?