We set off for a visit with my sister and nephew a few weeks ago. We meet sort of mid way at a cool place on the ocean. The first pic is us exploring the ocean. Then we met up with my sister at a lake for a picnic and walk around the lake. We had a great time. My boys introduced their cousin to ninja play with sticks. They hid along the trail and jumped out as we passed by. My nephew ran the whole way teetering from one side of the trail to the next. We parted, happily played out. The next day, I discovered we had brought a tag along home. A hospital trip and removal ensued. No bullseye!


I got the learning consultant job with the distributed school the boys are registered with. That meant I had to write a bio and take a pic of myself so families could choose me as their teacher. Here is my pic.



Oh, so very tired.


The little pink blob behind builder is BW. She didn't want to miss out on the fun. And she couldn't quite keep up. She fell asleep.