The Phone

I am always complaining about my husband's phone, or rather, about him being distracted by and attached to his phone.  However, his attachment does have some benefits.  He always has it when a picture opportunity is presented.  Here are some pictures taken from his phone over the last year - 6 months.
Did I mention that this girl loves to dress up.
I have no idea when this was taken.  Perhaps in February when we visited the local science place.
Ah yes, the tree.  We came across this tree when trying to find a place to eat.  This is located at our favorite beach town, which also boasts our favorite toy store and is somewhat mid way  to my sister.
This was is May of 2012.  I believe this is the week of our 10 year anniversary.
LBB laceration after falling from his bike.  He required on stitch.  The nurse suggested that my husband and I should sit down in case we felt faint.  Ha.  I do not think this will be our last stitch in this guy.
And here he is all sewn up.  He was very brave, until the nurse told him it was okay to cry.  Then it was hard to stop him.  I mean he is the middle child and has fully learned how to scream and cry from attention.  Our family doctor phoned several times to schedule a time to remove the stitch.  Ha.  I have had enough stitches myself to know that it is a simple thing.  We sterilized our equipment, called all the kids to around to watch, and together removed the stitch without him knowing it was over.
Our local story time had some old fashioned games.  These two managed to get in the local paper with this one.
Builder was not interested in participating.  Animal was game, though.  He had a great time.

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