Things to Remember

-the pats on the back that Book Worm gives as she snuggles in for a cuddle

-an unsolicited, "I wuv uw mommy." from Little Boy Blue as we snuggle on the couch

-the "Mommy's are great.  They do everything." comment from Builder

-dinner conversation about future job ideas involving Cheetah videographer and Firework Manufacturer with Animal

-building Lego with all four kids for hours without a single fight while discussing life, dreams, and the wonders of the world

-listening to the twins discuss why Jehovah coloured nature the way he did in the back seat of the car while LBB and BW are napping in the middle row

-watching BW and cousin dance without music just because we said, "Dance."

-hiking up mountains with BW and LBB nestled on my back in the carrier

-reading books on the couch with four children all trying to get as close to me as possible

-repetitive squeals of, "Daddy's home!!" as my husband closes the door from LBB and BW

-the creative problem solving ideas generated by children

-the ability of Animal to climb on to a lap without the person really noticing

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  1. That last one is so true! I don't know how he does it.