It's a new year and I started things off with a cold.  We rang in the 10:30 new year with friends.  We had a great time, left early and were in bed by 11.  Wonderful.  The next day, I was sick.  Ah well. 

We left the ski hill a couple days early.  The kids were starting to go stir crazy.  We were ready to parent solo.  We were ready to get back to our rhythm.  Rhythm is good.  The kids just don't seem to sleep away from home.  And we fear that the lack of sleep will lead to illness, which will lead to hospital visits.  So, we left early.  Happily.  It is our holiday.  And it is nice to change things up as needed.  We had a great time, though.  We love the ski hill.  Little Boy Blue truly loves skiing.  The twins are amazing.  Builder seems to have lost some stamina, but perhaps that is a result of our month of illness.  Animal was a real keener, though.  He often stayed out an extra run or two.  Book Worm loved the snow.  She squealed with delight every time she headed out.  My husband took her sledding and skating, and she went for several walks in the carrier.  We all had a great time.

We are happy to be home.  Happy to be back in our rhythm.  The boys are in a very hands-on stage at the moment.  It is driving me crazy.  So, when they start and things begin to get carried away, I send them outside.  Yup.  Today I sent them out in the heavy rain twice.  After a few rumbles to the ground, they decide that digging in the sand box, the mud pit, or building in their shed would be a better use of their time.  I agree.  I realize that this boy man-handling thing is a part of being boys, but I need an out.  So, outside they go. 

I am still getting over this cold, so have not jumped fully into our rhythm.  And I have a months worth of house cleaning and cooking to catch up on, so I think that home learning for the next while will revolve around character development.  Yup.  I think the twins are ready for another chore.  They already bring in the garbage cans, carry their plates to the dishwasher, vacuum (sort-of, or at least get it out and start it up) once a week, clean up their toys a few times a week, and wash the windows once a month.  Now it is time for them to start sorting and putting the laundry away.  Yippee.  I am happy to pass this chore along.  I despise putting away the laundry.  I usually let 3-4 loads pile up before putting it away.  Yesterdays attempt at making this a chore went well.  Today's, not so much.  I ended up putting BW to bed and their laundry sort (play session) was ended because her bedroom is directly below our family closet.  We will try again tomorrow.

Now it's time for my husband and I to snuggle on the couch while I finish reading World Without End for the second time and my husband watches yet another comic book movie.

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