A Perfect Day

In my estimation, today was a perfect day.  Was there screaming, horseplay, crying, frenzied snack preparation, baby wearing, threats?  Yes.  But there was also so much more than that.  Today was the perfect culmination of sleep, home learning, me-time, excercise.  Could I have improved upon things?  Yup.  They spent a little too long in front of the TV this morning watching The Land Before Time.  And I didn't get a walk in.

So, what did we do?  I actually slept 8 hours and was only woken once for a feed.  I drank my tea undisturbed and caught up on a couple of my favorite blogs.  Everyone had their vitamins and had their teeth brushed.  We read books and checked out where various animals lived on the big wall map.  We read up on our pet - a Leopard Gecko named BoGo (Bo for 'Bob the Builder' and Go for 'Diego').  I washed, FOLDED, and put away 4 loads of laundry.  The kids went outside for an hour before lunch and cleaned up the branches in the yard from a recent wind storm.  Book Worm had a 3 hour nap, which coincided with after lunch rest time = I finally got to work on my resume (I am applying for a job as a Learning Consultant at a Distributed Learning School).  The boys and I pulled out some old socks and ripped apart an old comforter to make sock Dolls.  Builder and Animal finished theirs. Little Boy Blue disappeared near the end with the head and arms of his Doll, so his needs some final touches.  We headed up to my parents and swam for an hour.  I decided to forgo the dinner hassle and opted to eat out at a favorite restaurant.  The day was just too good to ruin with dinner arguments. 

It is just about time for books before bed.  My husband is on his way home.  The baby is waiting for me to get her out of the drained bath.  The three boys are dressed for bed.  The house is a bit of a mess from our afternoon snack and Doll making, but that can be remedied in 10 minutes.

A perfect day.

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