We have been busy...when aren't we busy.  We have entered a new stage of life.  The kids have started lessons: music and swimming.  And I have become a chauffeur.  Things have been getting a bit frantic around here lately and I was not happy with it.  The kids were going stir crazy.  The game of chase had morphed into the game of torment.  Change was needed. 

I became more diligent with our "learning" time and have been getting the kids out of the house at least once a day.  However, sending them out of the house usually meant that they were back in 20 minutes.  That wasn't enough.  So, we have resumed our hikes.  We are having to drive a bit to where there is no snow, but the kids are much happier and so am I. 

They have also started a music class.  I stumbled upon a class that allowed all three boys to attend at the same time to minimize the waiting around for private lessons.   We had our first session last week and I was really impressed.  They learned about high and low sounds linking these to instruments and animals.  They were introduced to a Hello, High/Low, and Good bye song.  They read a story and drew a picture.  Wow.  The kids actually learned about music.  There is even stuffed animals to further reinforce the learning!!!!  Great.  The kids loved it and the teacher was wonderful despite the inability for the boys to remain seated and Book Worms constant wondering into the middle of it all.

I thought I would take a break from swimming, but the boys really needed some time away from me.  Also, most sport activities begin in September.  Alas, we are swimming again.  LBB had his lesson last week.  He is amazing.  Floating on his back.  Swimming on his back and his front.  Wow.  I was impressed.  The swim teacher even said that kids never ask to keep going on their backs, but LBB wouldn't stop.  He loves swimming and had actually asked to start lessons again.  I guess it'll work.  The twins start next week.  This will be their first group swim lesson and it is twice a week.  I hope it goes well.

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