It's been awhile.  My camera is missing......again.  And I just don't feel like posting anything unless there is a neat picture to accompany the text.

I hit a bit of a funk this week.  Not because of PMS, illness, lack of sleep, or no-sun induced depression.  Nope.  I am in a 'between inspiration' kind of funk.  I tend to take things on and absorb all I can about a topic.  Then, once I have figured it out, I move on.  I usually have a list of things I want to learn or books to read, so there is no problem moving from one passion to the next.  However I went through a bit of a needy phase with the kids, where they needed help persuing their interests and play to the point where I had little time for my creativity besides getting food on the table and the house is some order.  This week, though, the kids have not needed me and I have been at a loss.  I wonder around the house looking for things to do.  I am waiting to be inspired.  I have played with the kids interactive globe.  I have fixed broken trophies and dishes.  I have played Lego and Barbie until I am bored to tears,  I have caught up on all the blogs I follow.  I have even scheduled dentist appointments for all of us.

I pinned headbands for BW today and made one.  My knitting sits idle.  No quilts on the go.  No inspired reading - in fact the last 3 books I purchased and downloaded to my tablet I had already read.

I follow a model of passion driven education with my kids and myself.  I guess I will just wait and see what comes of this.  This is a lesson for myself when my kids enter into this stage at some point.  I am sure they will.

Oh and if anyone has an idea of where my camera is that would be nice......come to think of it I should check the car!!

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