A Solution

Last week we went for a walk through the tunnels. Along the way, the kids spotted a huge rock (side of the mountain) that had spliced off and was under the bridge beside the river. Later that night, the twins were telling Daddy about our walk and, of course, about the huge rock. Since we have been doing a lot of rock collecting these days, they decided that we needed to collect this one too - remember this rock is the size of two lots or more.

First they suggested that Daddy could pick up the rock and bring it home. I suggested that maybe the rock was too big for Daddy. Next suggestion, lots and lots of peoples come to help. Hmmm. I replied that I thought it was too big for lots and lots of peoples. Next suggestion, a crane. Yes, we needed a crane. I asked them how we were going to get the crane along side the rock because the rivers was in the way? Next suggestion, sticks. Lots of sticks stop the river. Oh, I responded, and how will all the sticks get there? Next suggestion, Beavers. Lots of beavers. Great idea, but I suggested that maybe the river was too fast for the beavers. How are we going to make sure that the beavers are safe. Twin1 pipped up, standing beside the chair, finger pointed in the air and with all eyes on him said, "Ah ha........ Stop sign."

Now that was the ultimate solution. All we needed was a stop sign. The hunt is on.

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