Such adorable toes. Yet, they manage to get into a lot of mischief. There is no stopping the little man these days. He is an absolute whirlwind. He has a huge, infectious laugh and an even bigger temper. Yes, temper - full blown, body thrashing on the ground, temper tantrums. I just stand back in amazement. I have seen nothing like it. And then, a few seconds later he is smiling and saying, "Car," or one of the other many words in his repertoire, with a huge grin on his face. Bizarre.

This little man is our dress-up guru. He loves hats.

He eats much better, now. Although he is still picky, he has some healthy staples that keep us all happy. Crackers are still his favorite.

He still sleeps with daddy every night and is quite upset when he wakes and daddy is not home. Mom is just not an equal substitute for this man. Something needs to change soon, though, because the new baby arrives in only 2 short months. I have no idea how our sleeping arrangements are going to work here. Ug.

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