Ah, 4

No. The realization that I will soon have 4 children to be responsible for has not yet set it. Instead, the twins are 4 today. Ah. Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday, we were struggling, trying to make all the right first decisions: co-sleeping, diapering, bedroom decoration, burping, formulas/breast feeding, who would get up this time (or who was more tired), sleep training?, first foods, sun exposure... The list of new worries is endless. What a chaotic time. Then you blink and they are 4. It certainly does get easier with each child - well at this stage, but faster. What an amazing opportunity to get to know these loving and considerate little men.

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  1. Your kids are a reflection of both of you as parents. They don't just look like mom and dad but they're considerate and wonderful like mom and dad.