Our House

The twins seem to be growing up at an incredible rate these days. They now totally dress themsleves, although their clothes are often on backwards or their shoes are on the wrong feet. Oh well. They even dry themselves after a bath and get dressed for bed. Ya.

So, the other night the twins were still in the bath, the toddler was finished and dressed for bed, and I was feeding the baby. Twin1 comes out of the bath and shows me how he dried himself. I congratulate him and then suggest he get his Pull-Up and get dressed. Instead, he turns around, bends over, pulls his cheeks apart with his hands, and says, "STINK YOU." Ah, Hmmm, Shock, Side Splitting Laughter. This went on for 10 minutes, with twin2 joining in of course. I had tears running down my face. Welcome to our house. You just never know what will happen next.

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