Another Museum and Camping

We visited a historic town on the weekend.  We attempted camping there to take advantage of the 2 day entrance tickets.

Here is the old town.  There were lots of actors dressed up in period costume and giving presentations on various topics.
First, we panned for gold.  The 3 boys struck gold and brought it home with them.

We toured the cemetery.  The average age of death was around 20 yrs.
One of the actors showing how to make the holes to insert dynamite.  He was also recruiting a new partner.  He told Builder to meet at 6 the next morning and he would get paid a dollar a day.
Builder woke the next morning and asked what time it was because he had to get to work.  Sadly, he had slept in. 

We attended Chinese School.  This presentation was really good. We learned some Chinese words, wrote some characters and counted using the abacus.
A water wheel presentation.  Then it was put into action.  It was huge.

Camping went better than expected.  We were really cold at night as the temp hovered around 0 degrees.  But the kids were great and had a blast.  Camping is now on our things we can do.

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