We are up at the ski hill for a couple of days and things seem to be fairing much better than the last trip. The baby has decided to sleep a lot more this time, which makes everything run much smoother.

The twins headed up with Nan and Papa a day before my husband, I, and the littles. They say there trip went smoothly and the twins were great. I missed he twins terribly through the night, though. 4 hours just seems so far away. However, the trip up the next morning with just the littles went really well. We noticed a much calmer air about the house in the morning and in the car during the drive, especially when both littles decided to sleep at the same time.

The twins have had 2 ski lessons this trip. The first went very well, but the second had another child in attendance who screamed and cried for his daddy for 1/2 an hour. Poor thing. I wanted to go over and console him. He delayed the instructor, though, and the twins sat around getting cold for that half hour. Ick. The twins didn't seem to get much out of having lessons 2 days in a row, so I think once a week is best.

The toddler has been thoroughly enjoying the snow; however, he turns into a limp noodle as soon as he steps in to soft snow, falls down, and screams, "eeh, eeh."

The boys, my husband, and my brother went tubing before dinner last night. We thought the toddler would be able to ride on my husband's lap, but wasn't allowed. So, he had to ride in his own tube. He was a bit hesitant the first time. By the time he reached the bottom he was yelling again, again, and squeeling the entire way down. Very cute.

I walked with the baby to check out the tubing. She hates it. She squwacks spit out the cold air and attempts to the whole time. She is not a cold whether baby at the moment.

Today we have plans to take the boys skating and to build a snow cave. Fun. Oh, and my husband and I are going to head in to town and take advantage of the sales. This will be my first shoping spree in over 5 years. I am down to 3 shirts and am in great need of some up to date clothes. The boys will stay behind with Nan and Paps while we are out. Lets hope we find some good stuff.

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