Home Sweet Home

I have to say that I love my home. It took quite a while to really call it home, though. We moved into this house 4 years ago when the twins were just 6 months old. At that time, we thought of the house as an investment, made some improvements, and re-listed. The market dropped and we were left with the house. We thought we would just make a few mare changes and then re-list when the market got better. Wrong. We made those few changes, and a few more, moved bedrooms around, had another child, made memories, made some more changes, had another baby, and have plans for more changes. Now I couldn't imagine moving. We have a beautiful view, that we will one day fully utilize - hmm, more changes. We have great neighbors who treat our kids like their own grandchildren. We have a quiet street. We have a set of grandparents, uncle and nephew around the corner. Everyone in the neighborhood knows the red-headed twins and watches out for them. Our backyard is private. Our house is warm and comfortable. My house is now my oasis.

This became ever so much more evident with our recent trip to the ski hill. We only went for two days to see if the twins would take to ski lessons this year, which they did. There is no turning back for them now. However, while up there, I spent much of the time toting around an over tired baby. My mom ended up getting sick because she was taking care of the other 3 kids at night and got little sleep. The arrangement up there just isn't quite worked out yet. The kids always seem to be under foot and have nowhere they can hide away to and imagination play till their hearts content.

Upon arriving home, the twins escaped to their bedroom, the toddler found his cars and garage, the baby calmed down and slept for 3 hours. By the last half hour of the drive home, I was anticipating my oasis. Home, sweet home.

We are set for another ski trip next week for a few more days. Hopefully a longer trip will work out some of the kinks. Playroom, sleeping arrangements... oh and of course, daddy is coming this time. We missed daddy a lot. And when it is over, I have my oasis come home to.

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