We headed out for the day yesterday. Hair cuts were on the list. AHH. The poor lady cuting the toddlers hair had such a hard time. He was everywhere. My husband has to clamp the toddler down on his lap or squeeze him in a hug. Then to get the last few stray pieces, she chased him around. She even had him on the floor. Uh. We left totally drained from embarrassment and exhaustion. The twins were great though.

We have given the hair dresser a lot of firsts. She has cut hair in the car - the toddlers bangs while he was asleep. Then chasing the little man around. Finally, she cut my hair with the baby sleeping in the sling and then playing on my lap. She is a wonderful lady for putting up with our shmahze hair event. My poor husband walks out of her place completely frazzled. I don't blame him a bit.

I hear blood curdling screams coming from the toddler. Gotta go.

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